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Hydromx wins prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment

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Bringing the revolution

We are the sole UK Distributors for Hydromx® - a revolutionary energy-saving product invented in Turkey and now commercially available in both the UK and USA.

Water or Glycol is normally used in cooling and heating systems because it is cheap - but it is NOT the most efficient heat transfer fluid. It also attacks the heating system through corrosion and calcification, reducing efficiency and creating sludge and blockages. Hydromx transfers heat 37% better than water.

Hydromx uses leading-edge nanotechnology in a specially formulated organic solution that is mixed 50:50 with water. This reduces energy costs by up to 35% .

 Hydromx is SHORTLISTED for 
Energy Saving Product of the Year 2016
by The Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers
EPD Report 
The environmental impact of Hydromx
has been independently verified

Making a difference

PBA focuses on reducing energy demand through energy efficiency solutions that are different. We aim for unique solutions that are not available from anyone else; solutions that make a difference and complement the "standard" solutions on the market.

PBA Energy Solutions’ commitment to providing exceptional products also extends to its commitment to be an ethical, socially responsible and customer focused company. PBA is an ISO9001 certified company.

Energy efficiency

Reduced energy consumption reduces the demand for energy, helping Britain to be more energy self sufficient  with safe, secure and future-proof supplies of energy, and  to achieve its goal of 80% greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2050.